Rainbow Six: Siege’s Beta Release Date Leaked

Info on the beta for Rainbow Six may have been leaked from a Dutch store.

Info on the beta for Rainbow Six may have been leaked from a Dutch store.

Prepare your faces everyone, because some leaked information may have foretold us about the Rainbow Six: Siege beta coming out this August. The highly anticipated first-person shooter is not scheduled for a release until the end of 2015, but anyone who has already pre-ordered the game can have access to the closed beta.

According to the Dutch electronics store Bart Smit, pre-ordering the game will allow you access to the beta starting in August. (Although please keep in mind that this is a Google translation of the page, and not a professional translation.) If anything, this information could be as solid as the store recommending Rainbow Six to children of all ages.

With this new information, there is some discussion as to whether the cutoff for getting into the beta is by August, or if the beta will start in August. Along with this confusion, a bit of tension is also accumulating as fans of the game are caught up in a fair bit of controversy. It is rumored that once the beta starts, anyone who pre-ordered will not be able to cancel and a transaction will be made. 

There is no question that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege will be one of the biggest releases of the year and fans across the world are already sparking  the fire. Furthermore, pre-ordering the game for now seems like the only way to get a spot into the beta.

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