Ranked Overwatch is available NOW!

Overwatch's ranked mode is now available for players to test their skills in a new competitive way.

Overwatch's ranked mode is now available for players to test their skills in a new competitive way.
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Since its release at the end of May, fans of Overwatch have been asking Blizzard when ranked play would be available. That day has finally arrived. Overwatch’s most recent update has added ranked competition to the game.

When you select Play Now, you will see that Competitive Play is a new option.

Once selected, you will go into the normal process for finding a game. Here’s how it works.

To start off, you need to be at least level 25 to play in a competitive match. All maps and characters from normal play are available for the competitive matches.

Unlike regular Overwatch matches, ranked matches use a point system to determine the winner instead of simply completing the objective.

Payload: In this game type, your team will get a point for each checkpoint you reach. Both teams get a chance to push the payload. Whichever team has the most points at the end of both rounds wins the match. If both teams are able to push the payload all the way, the match will then to go sudden death.

Assault: Each team has ten minutes to win the round. If your team manages to capture both points, you win! If you capture one point, and fail to secure the second point, you switch sides and play one more round. In the final match, you have to capture the points with the time remaining from the first round.

Since the matches are ten minutes long, any extra time you have from your first victory carries over into your second round. For example, if you took both control points in four minutes, you will have six minutes in the final round to capture both objectives.

If both teams are able to take both control points in their remaining time, the game will go into Sudden Death.

Control: Control is pretty much the same from regular play. The only difference is that instead of playing three rounds, you will play five in competitive play. The first team to win three rounds wins the game.

Sudden Death: In the event of a tie, there is an automated coin flip. If your team wins the coin flip, you will have two minutes to capture one point. If you can’t, the other team takes the victory. 

This version of Sudden Death has been met with negative feedback from fans that believe a coin flip system isn’t fair. Game director Jeff Kaplan said in a recent blog post that this system will stay for the first season, and they will look for new ways to improve Sudden Death in future seasons. Season One will run until August 18th.

To get into the big leagues, you need to complete ten matches. After the preliminary rounds, your stats will determine which tier you would be in. Winning matches helps your stats, so try and do that as often as you can. 

At the end of each match, your Skill Rank will increase or decrease based on your stats. If you get below average in most of your skill categories, your Skill Rank will go down. 

Each season will be three months. Due to Season 1 starting at the end of June, Season 1 will be shorter than the rest. At the end of season 1, your rank will be reset so you can start off fresh for Season 2. 

Now for the loot. After you complete your ten placement games, you will receive a player icon and spray exclusive to this season. After that, you will receive Ranked Coins for each match you win. The golden guns are worth 300 Ranked Coins so it will take quite a few games to earn.

Now that you know all about Ranked Overwatch, get out on the battlefield and show no mercy (pun intended)! 


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