Rare Announces New Xbox One Exclusive: Kinect Sports

Rare announces new Kinect game; fans hope there is more to come.

One of the 15 launch titles for the Xbox One has been announced as: Kinect Sports Rivals.  This next gen entry into the Kinect Sports franchise comes to players from Rare.

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The Kinect Sports series was launched in 2010, and was considered a commercial success despite mediocre reviews. The new game will feature soccer, rock climbing, jet ski racing, bowling, shooting, and tennis. Previous franchise entries have included cooperative and online multi-player mini-games like bowling, football and boxing.

Fans of Rare might be bummed by this and are hoping this isn’t the big announcement that the studio teased they’d release at E3. Previously, Rare has developed games like Goldeneye 007, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Perfect Dark.

The new Kinect will allegedly have a big effect on the game and allow players to become a part of the game in new ways. The specifics are still a bit vague, and how this will play out remains to be seen. Hopefully another big Rare announcement will be on the way. 

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