Rayman Legends Demo Drops Today for PS3/360

Somebody pinch me- the Rayman Legends demo is here!

Somebody pinch me- the Rayman Legends demo is here!

If you’ve kept up with the long-awaited Rayman Legends release, then you are aware that it has been stuck somewhere between development hell and shutupandtakemymoney for quite a while now.

Well the wait is almost over!

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that a playable Rayman Legends demo will be released today in Europe for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For the rest of us poor gamers over here in North America, the demo will drop for us on August 20th.

Legends picks up where Origins left off, with Rayman, Glubox, and the Teensies waking up after a 100 years to find the world in chaos, So of course it up to our favorite gang to fight their way through the worlds to save the day all over again.

The demo will give players a chance to explore three different levels in Rayman’s nonsensical, abstract but equally entertaining world, as well as the new co-op Invasion mode. Teensies in Trouble, A Toad Story, and a bonus map set to the tune of Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” will all be playable in the demo. A new Gallery Of Heroes feature will also allow players to switch up their character costumes.

If Rayman legends holds true to its infamous trial and error style of gameplay, then it probably means that a few hilarious deaths are in your eminent future. But hey when you make it this fun, that’s not always a bad thing.

Originally slated for a February release, RL was delayed to allow for a multi platform release. Expect Legends to officially hit your Wii U, 360, PS3 and Vita on August 30th in Europe and September 3rd in North America. Until then be sure to cop the demo while you can, or have fun humming along and salivating as you watch the demo trailer of the Gloo Gloo music level.

And yes, it is awesome.

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