Razer Joins VoIP/Chat Software Market

Razer introduces VoIP software - Razer Comms.

Razer introduces VoIP software - Razer Comms.

With several names already in the VoIP and chat software market such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Mumble, Razer has decided to throw its hat into the ring. Razer has introduced Razer Comms. Its tagline is: “Talk. Chat. Play.”

Razer Comms is free software for gamers. They claim their VoIP is crystal clear and the voice chat is built to give clear audio without lag spikes. Along with the voice chat, the software includes instant messaging and IRC-chat.

How does this work? Don’t worry about Alt-Tab. The Razer Comms features an overlay that displays chat messages or identifies speakers while in the VoIP channel. Chat messages look like a news ticker.

League of Legends players get even more in the program. Razer Comms includes LOL Voice Chat and Scouter. The voice chat lets you coordinate with fellow summoners in your team when it detects a game starting. Plus, the Scouter shows stats about opponents in League of Legends for you while the game is loading.

With a sleek black format, it looks like it could be an interesting piece of freeware to pick up, especially for LoL players.

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