Razer Nabu: The New Notification Technology

Razer Nabu Announced

Razer Nabu Announced

Razer have been busy and have announced to us all its amazing new technology, Razer Nabu. The Nabu is a technological smartband which acts as a variety of utilities.

The Razer Nabu offers the best in discretion

With its sleek and simple design, this wristband is offering the best in discretion; you don’t need to pull out a mobile phone to see if you’ve missed any incoming calls or texts, as the Nabu will notify you. The last thing you want is your boss seeing you with your phone, or your boyfriend/girlfriend getting mad at you on a date.

The Dual Screen Nabu will subtly vibrate as it shows you the nature of the notification on the Public Icon Screen. If this isn’t enough and you need to know more, simply turn your wrist over, and the Private Message Screen will allow you to see more details. 

Programmable Gestures are just a snap away

Nabu has the built-in technology to understand your gestures. You can program the Nabu to dismiss active notifications by shaking your wrist, or you can program it to switch to Sleep mode by snapping your fingers. You can customise which gesture you use for certain functions. That’s definitely better than fighting with your jean pocket to get to your mobile phone! 

Nabu is customisable to your needs

Nabu comes in a variety of colors–whether you want to stay classic with black, light it up with white, or stick to Razer’s original green. Nabu also allows you to customise the notification priority, location and time. You can decide when to turn off social updates, you can find out what pizza places are near you, and you can set your social network updates to vibrate when you don’t want to be disturbed. Some of the apps for Nabu include Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Google Maps. 

Nabu can understand your patterns and preferences

As you wear your Nabu, it can understand your patterns and preferences. It works with the apps you use most often to give you information on deals at your favourite coffee shop, or give you more points for jogging instead of walking (or taking the elevator!).

Nabu also keeps track of your activity and turns your stats into milestones. You can receive points for going to bed earlier, earn a badge for visiting a new coffee shop or unlock an achievement for running a bit further. Nabu helps keep you motivated with all these added bonuses you earn for doing your best! 

Nabu can accurately keep track of how many hours you have slept, how far you have travelled, how many calories you have burned and how many personal goals you have accomplished. 

Nabu can act as a GPS 

Nabu, along with GPS enabled maps, can give you quick updates on location. When you tell the smartband of your neighbourhood and preferences, the iBeacon-ready Nabu will find special deals for you nearby so you never miss out. 

Nabu Pulse allows you to connect

Nabu Pulse allows you to connect to other people wearing the smartband. Pulse will periodically sweep the nearby area for other wearers, and can be told to allow exchanges of information through Razer’s wireless technology. 

You can use gestures that come naturally to you, such as a handshake, to share information and add friends. All you have to do is link a digital function to your gesture and away you go!

Friends and family in your social circle can communicate with you through social discovery apps. You can also add new people to your social circle through these apps if the other person is wearing a Nabu too. A better way to chat and flirt than asking for numbers, don’t you think? 

Nabu takes gaming into the real world

Nabu wearers can now play large games with other wearers from all over the world. These games combine on/offline action to all players. Players can go to a new neighbourhood to conquer it or defend their favourite places whilst others try to conquer it. Nabu can keep track of your process and your enemies as you try to take over your neighbourhood or city in a game where stakes are high.

Only time will tell what else is in store for us with the Nabu. A launch date has not been set for general consumers, but at the moment, the technology involved with these stylish smartbands should make Razer Nabu top of everyone’s’ wish list; I know it is on mine!

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