Razer's new keyboard/mouse combo aim to fix the issues around using a keyboard and mouse setup with a console.

Razer’s Turret For Xbox One Makes The Mouse & Keyboard Experience More Comfortable

Razer's new keyboard/mouse combo aim to fix the issues around using a keyboard and mouse setup with a console.

The addition of mouse and keyboard compatibility for the Xbox One last November may have given players the opportunity to take advantage of the gaming experience most PC players are familiar with for the most part. 

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The problem with mouse and keyboard gaming on a console is that it’s never been exactly comfortable when it works. Players sitting on a couch must find a way to balance their keyboard and have somewhere to put their mouse, too. Often, you end up hunched over the peripherals on your coffee table or on the floor.

With the announcement of the Turret for Xbox One, Razer endeavors to solve this perennial problem. The new peripheral is a proper Razer keyboard with a hideaway magnetic tray for the mouse. This allows players to keep the mouse in line with the keyboard rather than trying to use the mouse from the seat next to them, the arm of the couch,  placing it on a book, or trying to find some other workaround.

The tray features two different strength magnets that hold the mouse in place, even if the keyboard and tray are held vertically.

To make things seemingly easier, the entire Turret system connects to the Xbox One via a single USB dongle, meaning players take up fewer USB slots. The keyboard charges via a USB-C port, while the mouse uses Micro-USB and plugs into the keyboard’s side.

It should be noted that players are likely going to want to charge their device daily, as it only has about 11 hours of battery life if Razer’s Chroma RGB is on. With the lights off, Razer says players can just about quadruple that.

The Turret for Xbox One is available to purchase via the Razer site and will run players $249.99. That’s not too bad when you take into consideration that it’s both a keyboard and a mouse and each can be pretty pricy on their own.

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