Ready, Set, Heroes Announced During Sony’s State of Play Livestream

Sony Worldwide Studios and Robot Entertainment are teaming up to bring a new multiplayer, dungeon-crawling adventure sometime this fall.
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Sony Worldwide Studios, in partnership with Robot Entertainment, announced a brand-new multiplayer game, called Ready, Set, Heroes, during today’s State of Play Broadcast. The game is a combination of many different genres, including rogue-lite, dungeon crawler, fighting, and top-down action, and it pits player teams against other teams to see who can reach the end of a dungeon first.

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The game boasts a cartoon graphic style and heavily emphasizes fast, frenetic action. The goal is to find as much loot as possible as quickly as possible and reach the end of the dungeon before the opposing team does.

In the reveal trailer, it was mentioned the game will support up to four players simultaneously either via local or online multiplayer.

After completing the dungeon, the game shifts modes and pits the two teams against each other in an arena battle. Not only does a team’s chance for success depend on what loot they found during their dungeon exploration, but the team who arrives first also gets a substantial power boost over the slower team.

Ready, Set, Heroes is set to deliver tight combat mechanics and what looks like a wide range of areas to explore, from a forest path to a lava-filled cave and a night-themed area full of skeleton enemies.The dungeons are randomly generated as well, making each experience a different journey, even when the surroundings look the same.

It features another twist on the dungeon crawler and brawler genres with its character choices. Players will apparently choose between various animals as their characters, with the trailer showcasing a badger, a rabbit, a giant frog, and a hawk.

No specific release frame was provided for Ready, Set, Heroes, but PlayStation 4 owners can expect the exclusive to launch sometime this fall.

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