Ready to Mount an Assault on Dragon’s Prophet

Ready to run? Fine. I'll mount my dragon and write a review of Dragon's Prophet while waiting for you at the finish line!

Ready to run? Fine. I'll mount my dragon and write a review of Dragon's Prophet while waiting for you at the finish line!

GameSkinny recently posed a challenge – nay, a quest – to the gaming community which could yield unimaginable rewards to its community while providing me with a side-quest to study and review Dragon’s Prophet. Once again, I’ll get to attempt to put to parchment (okay, pixels) that which binds a game’s mechanics, its overall quality and the community that plays the game in support of the idea that families and friends that game together stay together… in good games.

To take up this quest, I will come prepared with the following requisite components to any medieval fantasy adventure: 

  • The adventure party: As the head of a household that plays online games together since the late 1990’s, I bring the perspective of a ready-made, elite gaming group with family values to any game we choose to devote our time.
  • Appropriate experience levels: My writing port folio comprises personal and professional artifacts including, but not limited to, game reviews, dungeon & quest ‘walk-thrus’ and professional/official documentation for government agencies that are used today. Each member of my family has an online presence that have contributed to the online gaming community through varying forms of media.
  • Weapons: As part of my career in the IT Security field, I bring the technical tools and knowledge to identify and effectively communicate code-related risks to gamers and the developers.
  • Buffs and potions: Each member of the party comes equipped with the inherent ability to bolster each other in near-impossible situations and to succeed where others failed.

So, having gathered a party and equipped ourselves with the gear and enchantments; I am ready to pick up the GameSkinny banner and venture forth into the realm of Dragon’s Prophet to do battle and report back what we’ve discovered!

About the author


An old gamer (think paper Dungeons & Dragons original and 2nd editions) who grew into today's MMORPG from the very first MMORPG (no, not WoW - Ultimma Online) to today's generations of MMOs. Having made a career (with a background) in IT Security, Project Management with advanced English writing skills, Enolive-evilonE provides a mature, technical, and family-based perspective to the GameSkinny community.