A new Realm Royale update and battle pass let you strike fear into the waddles of your enemies across consoles and PC.

Realm Royale Adds PS4 Cross-Play Support, New Military Chicken Battle Pass

A new Realm Royale update and battle pass let you strike fear into the waddles of your enemies across consoles and PC.

Hi-Rez Studios recently announced that Realm Royale now features full cross-play support with PlayStation 4.

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With that addition, all Hi-Rez Studios titles offer cross-play between players on all consoles and PC, and Rogue Company, the studio’s upcoming 2020 title, will feature the same support from launch.

It’s a notable turn of events after Sony seemed to be playing hard to get with Realm Royale cross-play earlier this year.

Regardless of the impressions Sony’s pick-and-choose method left on consumers and developers — and Fortnite players — implementing cross-platform play in more titles is a move the company started opening up to several months back.

Realm Royale Bokops beta introduces corss-play and chickens.

PS4 cross-play isn’t the only new thing coming to Realm Royale. Hi-Rez is introducing the special BokOps battle pass, which offers over 50 levels of cosmetic rewards all themed around the military of the future — and the chickens who fight in it.

Some of the themed outfits include the Infiltrator Assassin, One Man Army Warrior, and, of course, the deadliest of all, the Cluckmando.

On top of everything else, Realm Royale is adding a third ability slot, letting players mix and match offense, movement, and support abilities even more than before.

While all this is going on in Realm Royale, Hi-Rez’s mobile SMITE spinoff title, SMITE Blitz, celebrated a soft launch earlier this week, offering lots of registration bonuses for newcomers to check out.

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