ReCore: New Details Revealed in Xbox Interview

New insight to the characters and world in ReCore

Little is known about what gamers can expect from ReCore since its announcement at E3 last week. As revealed in the trailer, ReCore is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the story of a young woman and her robot companion. According to the game’s creator, Keiji Inafune, ReCore is still in the early stages of development.

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However, In a new Xbox interview, Inafune and Armature Studio’s game director, Mark Pacini offer new insight on the characters and the world of ReCore.

The interview reveals that the protagonist of the game is named Jewel and her companion is Mack.

Jewel is in a world with few humans and is all alone. She finds Mack at the beginning of the game and they start a lasting friendship.

“Mack is a part of a faction trying to help you bring back humanity to the planet and there is another faction of robots who don’t want that to happen.” – Pacini

In ReCore you will have to navigate through a desert wasteland after a sandstorm hits. Inafune stated that the sandstorm will affect navigation and gameplay. Throughout the game, players will also meet other companions aside from Mack. Players will also encounter a wide variety of enemies as well.

The main theme of the game is Jewel’s survival.

Pacini adds, “The relationship between the friendly robots in the game and the enemy robots in the game, they get more volatile and deadlier as you go underground and find these areas. That’s where all the good stuff is, and that’s what you’re trying to explore.”

Gamplay and Cores

Much of the gameplay of ReCore revolves around cores, which are a robot’s consciousness, and the ability to transfer cores from one robot body to another as seen in the trailer when Mack sacrifices himself to save Jewel.

Pacini also explained that players will be collecting cores from robots, and it is up to the player what they would like to do with it, whether they want to put it in another robot character or use it to upgrade other cores.

According to Inafune, “This is a very epic story full of mystery and adventure. As I said, robots play a very important role in this adventure, and there will be many more robots that will lead to a rich experience. There will also be many other companion robots you can partner with, and each of the different robots will lead to unique adventures.”

Certainly we can expect more news on ReCore in the coming months, but what are your thoughts so far? Let us know in the comments.

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