Red Bull Media Premieres OpTic Gaming: Behind the Green Wall Web Series

Red Bull Media House announces new documentary web series following American Call of Duty OpTic Gaming!

Red Bull Media House announces new documentary web series following American Call of Duty OpTic Gaming!
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X Games 2014 gold medalists and 2011 Call of Duty XP World Champions American Call of Duty(COD) team OpTic Gaming have claimed their rightful position at the top over the past years. With the rise of eSports across all platforms, Red Bull Media House announces a new documentary web series following the training of body and mind of greatness. The four-part web series documents the team’s training both together and individually at a six-week boot camp in Los Angeles, CA.

Working with the Red Bull High Performance team, OpTic Gaming endured physically training that pushed beyond boundaries combined with dedicated gaming sessions to mold optimum performance. 

OpTic Gaming’s roots took to earth in 2006 with OpTic KR3W aspiring to become a COD snipe team. After stepping down, passing the reigns to OpTic Jon3s and then to H3CZ, it wasn’t until 2009 that OpTic Gaming began uploading videos to YouTube and establishing themselves as a skilled team. The team’s pro season didn’t commence till 2010 when they entered one online and offline tournament. OpTic Gaming is most notably known for being one, if not the first, to create a second team for competitive Call of Duty: OpTic Nation. The two teams have continued to stand independently and strong in the pro scene with new roster changes as of 2014.

OpTic Gaming 2014

Region Alias Name
 NA NaDeSHoT  Matthew Haag
 NA Scump  Seth Abner
 NA FormaL  Matthew Piper
 NA Crimsix  Ian Porter

OpTic Nation 2014

Region Alias Name
 NA MBoZe  Marcus Blanks
 NA Karma  Damon Barlow
 NA Teepee  Tyler Polchow
 NA Proofy  Jordan Cannon

The first episode of the documentary features Matt “NadeShot” Haag aired November 3rd and can be viewed below.

The second episode featuring Seth “Scump” Abner airs today and can be viewed below! 

Upcoming episode 3 follows former and reintroduced member Jordan “Proofy” Cannon December 1st. Be sure to follow Red Bull Media on YouTube to watch!

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