Rejoice Mac Users! Civilization V Gold is Here!

A great deal for a great game now available on Mac.

A great deal for a great game now available on Mac.

As can be seen here, I love Civilization V with a passion. Recently, a Gold edition of the game was released in which all “Cradle of Civlization” and “Explorers Map Pack” DLC, all new additional leaders and countries, and the Gods and Kings expansion were included. This version of the game is now available for Mac Users.

The Mac OS-X version of these games has been out for a while, but what’s special about this release of the game is it offers it to the consumer for lower price rather than buying all of the games individually.

The Steam version of this game is available for $50 and includes all of the DLC with the purchase. The Mac version available at the Mac app store has the core game, titled Civilization V: Campaign Edition, for $19.99. The DLC and expansion are available at a reduced cost from inside the game, adding up to around $50, as well.

In addition to this great deal for Civ V, Aspyr has Civ III: Complete and all Civ IV titles for 50% off. I highly recommend picking them up, as each Civilization game is unique and fun to play on its own.

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