Relic Hints at a New Dawn of War Title!

Dawn of war may not be dead yet. Don't count it out so early!

Dawn of war may not be dead yet. Don't count it out so early!

I’ll come out and say this right now. I’m a Warhammer 40K fanboy. I love the tabletop, the games, the books, everything. I love the over the top races, the ridiculous technology, the crazy weapons and aliens. And you can bet your butt I loved Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2. Once THQ went bankrupt, I had a sad period, knowing in my heart that I wouldn’t get DoW 3 now.

But now, it looks like I may not have to commit sepukku. Relic has come out to say that, once their work on Company of Heroes is taken care of, there is a strong possibility of a new Dawn of War game. When I heard that Relic had been picked up by Sega, the first thing I remember thinking of was a Total War styled game, only set in the Warhammer 40K or Warhammer Fantasy settings.

Now if Dawn of War 3 comes out, it will probably be the next RTS I sink a good chunk of time into. I’ve been looking and looking for something to fill the gap, and Supreme Commander 2 just isn’t cutting it anymore. I hope Relic finishes up soon, and starts up on a new Dawn of War title. I need to get my Imperial Guard on!

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