Remake of NES classic “A Boy and His Blob” comes to Xbox One, PS4, Steam

A Boy and His Blob was remade for the Wii in 2009, and is now coming to the current gen consoles on the 19th of January

A Boy and His Blob was remade for the Wii in 2009, and is now coming to the current gen consoles on the 19th of January
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NES enthusiasts will probably remember this game better than others, but A Boy and His Blob was a pretty revolutionary game back in its day. The game involved the player controlling a boy – big surprise – who feeds a white blob jelly beans to progress through a series of puzzles. The game was remade for the Wii in 2009, but is now returning with an HD re-release for the Xbox One, PS4, and Steam on January 19th, 2016.

A Boy and His Blob was originally a game developed for the NES by Absolute Entertainment in 1990. The game involved feeding jelly beans to a white blob that would transform or do certain actions based on which one was fed to it. By feeding these jelly beans, the player could progress through the various puzzles and stages. The player would have a limited amount of each jelly bean, so wasting them was not an option.

A downfall of running on NES hardware was the lack of in-game instructions, a common issue at the time

The A Boy and His Blob remake sticks to this tradition of jelly bean fueled fun, but it has made several enhancements to make the game much more accessible to casual players.

The first change is that the jelly bean menu now allows players to see which transformation the blob will change into with each jelly bean. Another is that the player can now call the blob to turn it back into its original state.

Lastly, there seems to be an infinite number of jelly beans that the player can use depending on the stage.

Among the gameplay updates, A Boy and His Blob also features beautiful new cartoon-style graphics

For those who missed out on the Wii version of this game, the HD remaster for the Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, and Steam is certainly a welcome addition. With any luck, this will bring about a new wave of fans for this old NES cult classic.

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