Reminder – Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Ends in 3 Days!

The video above is an hour of gameplay. Check it and the Kickstarter out!

How do you like RPGs and not love Larian’s contributions to the genre in the Divinity series? You don’t, it’s simply not possible.

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Divinity: Original Sin is Larian’s return to their roots with the series and then some, and the Kickstarter makes the title look amazing. I am certainly inclined to believe it will be amazing, considering the developer’s track record and the Kickstarter page‘s massive amount of mouth-watering information on the title.

I might be a little excited.

While the Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter has met its goal, it is still well-worth a look to see what we have coming to us and to donate to meet the next stretch goal. If you’re not feeling so “money-tossing” inclined but want to support the project, liking the Larian Studios Facebook page goes toward the Bellegar Facebook-En-Counter. Every 1,000 likes on their page nets another in-game encounter with Bellegar. You know, the rhyming mage.

“You bore me with your constant winning. Bellegar has had enough!
So please go away, and I’ll give you some of this useless yellow stuff!”
– Bellegar 2009/2010/Forever

Even if you hate RPGs. Even if you aren’t confident in Larian. Please help me get more Bellegar. That is all.

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