Remnant 2's Best Boy duo gets their kit detailed in a new deep dive trailer.

Remnant 2 Handler Archetype Reveal Trailer Digs Into Perks, Traits, and Combat

Remnant 2's Best Boy duo gets their kit detailed in a new deep dive trailer.

We now know more about the Remnant 2 Handler Archetype and its trusty dog companion. The latest reveal trailer has dropped, giving us a deep dive into what makes The Handler a strong addition to the team. With a look at the Archetype’s Perks, Traits, and how the class operates in combat, the trailer provides a breakdown of what we can expect later this summer.

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The dynamic duo is a utility Archetype, providing a variety of buffs to the larger team. Allies can receive increased movement speed, while The Handler itself has increased revive speed. The Handler’s Prime Archetype can be utilized to buff allies further in other ways, as well.

As damage is exchanged, the companion will heal as long as it’s by The Handler, with a faster healing time if given some scritches.

The companion not only helps on the battlefield by attacking enemies, it has its own set of perks, too. Here’s what we gleaned from The Handler reveal trailer.

  • Bonded: The Prime Perk for The Handler, the game’s goodest boy can use their relic to revive them when downed. The Handler can also command the companion to revive allies as long as they have a Dragon Heart.
  • Pack Hunter: Gain 30% Ranged and Skill Damage and 5% Ranged and Skill Critical Chance while the Companion is active and within 25m of the player. Increases with Handler level.
  • Spirit of the Wolf: Increases Movement Speed by 10%. All allies within 10m equal the Handler’s Movement Speed (if faster). Reduces the Stamina Cost of all actions for all allies by 15%.
  • Teamwork: The Handler and Companion gain 30% increased Revive Speed. While Reviving, Handler and Companion receive 25% less damage and Companion gains -1 Stagger.
  • Best Friend: Using a Relic fully restores Companion health and grants them 25% Damage and 35% Damage Resistance for 15s.

Unlike other classes, The Handler has Companion behaviors slotted instead of traditional skills. Each behavior changes how the Companion operates in battle and the passive buffs they give when they howl.

  • Guard Dog: The Companion gains 15% increased threat and all damage to them is reduced by 20%.
    • Howl reduces damage by 15% to all allies within 20m and the Companion generations additional threat. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Support Dog: Companion continuously heals allies within 3.5m for 0.25% of max health per second.
    • Howl grants 2% of max health per second and 25% increased movement speed to all allies within 20m. Lasts 25 seconds.
  • Attack Dog: The companion gains 20% damage.
    • Howl increases damage by 20% for all allies within 20m. Lasts 20 seconds.

The Handler’s Archetype Trait is Kinship, which reduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received by 80% at Level 10. This gives teams more flexibility when looking to use explosives or AoE attacks with allies nearby.

This is all great news for dog lovers looking to play Remnant 2. The real news, however, is the Companion can never die. When gravely injured, the Companion backs out of combat and takes a nap to recover health. When signaled by The Handler, they’ll rejoin the fray.

That’s what we know about The Handler in Remnant 2 so far. Stay tuned for more Remnant 2 news as we approach the game’s summer 2023 release window.

Featured image by Gunfire Games.

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