Republique is sneaking on to PS4

Find out when you can get Republique on PS4

Find out when you can get Republique on PS4

Republique, an episodic Kickstarter funded stealth game taking place in a dismal future will make its way on to PlayStation 4 in early 2016.

GungHo Entertainment announced today the game would have an upcoming PlayStation port. They also announced a few changes to this latest version of Republique. They are: 

  • Ability to take care of the main character Hope 
  • Ability to have more direct control over her in-game

Previously, gameplay was more hands off as players served as a guide, helping her complete missions. 

Republique first launched on handheld devices before jumping PCs titled Republique Remastered. As of now only the first three episodes are available to play and once the PS4 version hitsm all the episodes will be out simultaneously.

The plot revolves around a totalitarian government, similar to George Orwell’s 1984 novel, who rules their citizens with a close eye. One citizen named Hope receives a mysterious phone call guiding her to escape the facility of Metamorphosis, where she’s been living her entire life.

With an extreme focus on stealth, Republique aims to gather a bigger audience once it sneaks on to the PS4.

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