Residue Releases Today

Residue Releases Today!
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The Indie game Residue has finally been released yesterday, May 6th. Residue is a very interesting looking 2d side-scroller released by The Working Parts, and what I have seen of the story looks pretty cool. Residue story has 4 characters intersecting, and each character you control has different abilities.

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I have not had a chance to play a lot of Residue, but what I have played seems promising. If you would like to try it yourself, they have a free demo available at Desura–if you like it, buy it.

The developers had a little to say about their new game and it’s message.

” Now what remains is marketing and spreading the word. For this we need the aid of everyone who cares about what we’re trying to do; a non-violent cinematic action adventure about real-world issues, social and political. Tell your friends about the trailer, the demo, about Greenlight, and hang out with us and discuss the game and the demo in our newly opened Desura forum while we wait for the big day.”

Overall Residue looks good, has a interesting story and has a free demo to try. You can’t go wrong trying this indie title out.

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