Wattson makes her way to Apex Legends, and Season 2 is introducing a plethora of updates, including Apex Legends' first ranked mode.

Respawn Outlines Loads of Apex Legends Season 2 Content, Debuts 10th Legend

Wattson makes her way to Apex Legends, and Season 2 is introducing a plethora of updates, including Apex Legends' first ranked mode.

Apex Legends’ upcoming Season 2 got a good deal of information today, with still more expected to come between now and it’s launch date.

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Season 2 is called Battle Charge and launches July 2, introducing a wide range of updates and changes, including a 10th legend.

Who is that 10th Legend? It’s Wattson, the rumored electric-based fighter that was uncovered in datamining several months back. Wattson is a defensive character who takes advantage of the environment to create strong defenses for her team, and she’s meant to vary the Apex Legends playstyle and third-party meta.

For instance, Wattson can place electric fences. Some are purely defensive, while others shoot down incoming weapons and recharge teammates. Her cooldown and the way her skills work mean players have a lot of room to determine whether they want to be offensive, support, or defensive and can dig deeply into character strategies.

Respawn is trying to add as much content as possible to Season 2, including a new weapon, a new Legend, plenty of balancing to make weaker weapons more viable, a new mode, and a new map.

That new weapon is called L-Star, a machine-gun type weapon making its way to Apex Legends from the Titanfall universe. It’s a care package weapon, with Respawn calling it incredibly powerful, as in opening doors. Being a care package weapon means the L-Star doesn’t pick up ammo; what the player starts with is what they get.

Battle Charge will be introducing 2 new hoppers as well, but Respawn didn’t offer any extra details about them yet.

Season 2 will be challenge based instead of time based, which means players won’t be penalized for not logging in daily; instead, they can just take on challenges when they’re able to. Players will also be able to craft their own Legendary once they reach level 100.

Some of the new skins were detailed as well:

  • Caustic: Prince of Darkness
  • Octane: Jade Tiger
  • Spitfire: Intimidator
  • R31: Iron Rampage (lv 100) and a gold version of the same

Season 2 is also introducing a ranked mode. There are 6 tiers for players to progress through, from Bronze up to Apex Predator. Each tier has its own special matchmaking, and while it might mean longer wait times, the idea is to match players with others at a similar skill level.

But there’s more to get involved with between now and July 2.

Apex Legends‘s event the Legendary Hunt starts today, giving players the opportunity to join the APex Legends Elite Queue. Any player who wins 5 matches can join, testing their skills against the most talented Legends in the game. They can also complete legendary hunt challenges to earn cosmetic awards and weapons, Those who win two wins can get the chance to earn yet another legendary weapon.

All Battle Pass owners will get the Honored Prey weapon, and Night Terror is a reward for reaching level 3. This weekend is also the game’s first Double XP Weekend, granting extra experience for base levels and Battle Pass levels.

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