RIFT 2.6: Dream Weaver is Live

Update 2.6: Dream Weaver is now live on RIFT servers everywhere.
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Trion Worlds is one step closer to 3.0 with the release of version 2.6 entitled Dream Weaver. Developers included lots of new features and quite a few bug fixes. New content includes a storyline, a new trade skill, and new artifacts.

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From Water To Air

The new storyline is a prelude to the air saga storyline. Instead of going forward in time, the new multi-phase line will allow players to relive past stories up to the Exodus of the Storm Queen. The entire saga will progress in releases over weeks so the content will be fairly consistent. With this storyline arc, earn new titles, pets, and armor pieces.

Dream Weaver

Crafters will find that there is a new trade skill in the update. Crafters will be able to create 15 new Dimensions (RIFT’s version of housing) as well as new visual effects. Some of the new effects include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Sparklies
  • Smoke
  • Weather-blockers
  • And more.
Artifacts, Rewards, and More

Added to the game are new artifacts. These artifacts will add new achievements that will grant titles like Bounty Hunter. Completion of new artifact sets include animal calls, cloaks, and vendors selling new potions. A new mount has also been added which are Planar Squirrels.

Bored with how your pet looks? They have added alternative pet skins to the RIFT store. How to unlock these new pet skins are under the character sheet in the pet tab as well as the RIFT store.

Bug Fixes

Ever run into the issue of using mouse look and it suddenly is staring directly to the sky or down into the ground? This bug, which has existed since before launch, has finally been fixed. Patch notes called it an “ancient bug that was older than the game itself.”

Other important fixes to note are:

  • Stealth players in raids are now viewable by the other raid members.
  • Tradeskill extensions can now be purchased from trainers again.
  • Integration with Facebook is working.
  • No more long loading times associated with being resurrected by another player.
  • RIFT store includes a new Black loyalty tier with new rewards.
  • Alternate payment methods through Allopass and Rixty are available for use in purchasing credits.

The patch notes for 2.6 also include quite a few soul fixes and other bug fixes that aren’t listed here.

A Hint of What’s to Come

Trion Worlds has a lot planned for the prelude to 3.0. Players can look forward to the Love Bug, new raid rifts, and a carnival. It will be interesting to see what all new content Trion Worlds has in store for Telarans.

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