RIFT: How Free to Play Works & What to Do In Game

Rift, an MMO from Trion is free to play, and currently celebrating it's second anniversary.

Rift, an MMO from Trion is free to play, and currently celebrating it's second anniversary.

My Personal Favorite

RIFT has been around for a while now. In fact, they are currently celebrating their 2 year anniversary with the in-game Carnival event. I’ve been playing on and off for a little over a year and a half now, and I never see any buzz about the game. So I figured it was time to fix that, and give you all a taste of what’s available in game for new players.

Free to play

Rift recently went free to play, although not entirely. Players can make an account, and play for free with no race or class restrictions whatsoever, aside from the new “classes” add in the games recent expansion, Storm Legion. However, in RIFT Lite, players may only advance to level 20, at which point their XP growth is capped. They can still run dungeons, pvp, work on their house with the new Dimension system, and a myriad of other in game activities.

I’m currently in the process of leveling with a couple friends I introduced to the game, with a nice combination of tank, healer and DPS. The first thing that really got them into the game was RIFT’s Souls System, where instead of choosing one class players are able to mix and match seven or eight different class trees together to make their character play how they want. We’ve gotten a solid couple of weeks of playtime in, and only recently did my friend hit the Free to play level cap of twenty.

What to do in RIFT

Player Housing

RIFT has a lot of stuff jam packed into it, so I’ll cover a couple of the big ones right now. First up is that’s new is player housing. Early on, players will meet up with a Dimension Engineer, and be granted their first humble home. Called Dimensions, because of the fact that you are essentially purchasing a pocket dimension to decorate and call home, players can decorate their house with all sorts of neat things. Personal favorites of mine have been toy warships from fishing, and some really neat craftable items from the various professions.

Pretty much everything here is placeable, moveable, and scalable, giving you lots of freedom to make your home unique.

PVP in RIFT has been a blast for me, but none more so than my friend, Doc. Currently playing a mix of the Nightblade and Saboteur, he has a blast sneaking around in PVP Warzones, stacking plastic explosive on an unwitting victim and then detonating them all at once while pouncing in for the kill. There’s a multitude of game modes, and really solid World PVP with PVP Rifts, where players fight one another and complete objectives. The rewards are hefty, from currency and tokens to a faction-wide buff.

World Events

From Rift Events spawning waves of enemies and giant bosses, to the Carnival going on right now, RIFT has been big on having major action happening all across the game world. Players need to band together to take care of Rift Invasions, lest major NPCs and quest hubs bite the dust, turning the zone into a ghost town for quite some time. And fighting off such an incursion rewards the heroes with Source Stones and planarite. Players can use both currencies to purchase awesome gear and neat cosmetics to help out their looks and leveling.

If RIFT looks interesting for you, check out the Free to Play sign up here, and head on over to the Faeblight US server, and look up Parstyn. I’m always up for new people to play with, and teach the ropes to. Hope to see a few new friends in Telara!

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