Riot Cracking Down on Unprofessional Professionals… Permanently

Riot has banned three more 'professional' players, all from Team Solo Mebdi, for consistent and constant negative behavior in-game. Two of those three bans? Permanent. The banned players are Khaled Abusagr, Nicolai Jensen, and Simon Näslund,.
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Riot Games made a startling announcement.  We’ve heard of several professional League of Legends players being banned from competing in the Season 3 League of Legends Championship Series, but it’s still a new enough concept as to be surprising.  Now we are seeing three more competitive players being banned from competing, and the ban doesn’t stop there.

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Two of the three are being banned from even playing the game.  Ever.

The three are Khaled Abusagr (StunnedandSlayed), Nicolai Jensen (veigodx), and Simon Näslund (Rat3ch).  The first two are officially banned permanently, with any future accounts being recognized as theirs being permanently banned on sight.

How professional of these ‘professionals’

The three players, all from Team Solo Mebdi, have all had their competitive bans formally announced on the League of Legends forum, along with a basic explanation of each ban.  The reasons are solid, fairly handily defeating any attempted accusation of deliberately sabotaging their team.

One of the three has a consistent rate of being reported in 20% of their games, and that rate of report has gone up since they have started being punished by the Tribunal with temporary account bans, including a permanent ban on one of his previous accounts.

And that’s the one whose ban is only from competing.

The other two players have received their permanent bans after formal review of literally hundreds of cases.

Abusagr was found to have been reported in 18% of total matches on his main account, and as the player behind the infamous DarkwinJax account, which to this day holds the record for the highest harassment score ever on the League of Legends EU servers.  His previous accounts have all had consistent and repeated examples of racist and anti-semitic slurs, and he is also recorded as having physically threatened other players in-game, including a Riot employee.

Jensen, meanwhile, has had his accounts permanently banned twice before, and has already come before tribunal multiple times on his new account, veigodx, despite that account only being around three months old.  Even more damning, he is directly quoted (as the image at the top of the page shows on his former account, Wizikodex) as having admitted to participating in DDOS attacks on other high-ELO players.

The bans came about after Riot did a review of all the players set to compete in their League Championship Series.  No word yet as to whether those reviews are complete or if we might be seeing more such bans in the near future.




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