Riot Re-Releasing Limited Edition Champion Skins for League of Legends

Riot will be bringing back many of its limited edition skins now that the League of Legends playerbase has increased so much, and giving RP compensation to those who already had them.

Over the years, Riot Games has released more than a few skins for its various champions which were only available for purchase over a limited timeframe.  Most of these skins were holiday-themed, being either Halloween skins for their Harrowing events or Christmas skins for their Snowdown Showdown events.  League of Legends has a regular infusion of new skins, but the older ones have apparently been lost forever to those who missed them.

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Until now.

Riot has announced they will be re-releasing many of their previous limited edition champion skins for several limited times.  The reason given was simply the change in how many people regularly play League of Legends.  Having so many new players greatly dilutes the appearance of many of the older skins down to only appearing ever several thousand games or so.  As their announcement put it,

We think it’s important to solve this, especially since we believe skins are primarily about self-expression and fun, not exclusivity. 

The skins to be re-released will be the Harrowing skins from 2010 and 2011, the Christmas skins from 2009 and 2010, the Winter Games skins from 2010, and the World Cup skins from 2010.  They will be made available at various times over the next few months, with the previous Harrowing skins being available in the store at some point this month.  The Christmas skins will be available in December, the Winter Games skins in February, and the World Cup skins in June.

But wait, there’s more.

In recognition of the limited-edition nature of these skins, Riot understands many players might feel a bit cheated if skins they were proud to have gotten while they were more exclusive suddenly become openly available once again.  Anyone who previously owned one of these skins will therefore be receiving several things in compensation.

First off is a full RP refund of the amount they originally paid for the skin.  Second is a unique summoner icon (shown to the right) to be able to identify them as having purchased a now-vintage skin.  The third compensation is having the loading screen image for their skin being given a unique graphic to show it was purchased during the original release.

The full list of skins can be found in the original Riot post.  Have a look and see if you are about to get a windfall, about to get a new skin, or both!

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