Riot Reveals Splashart for League of Legends Pool Party Skins

We're getting a first (maybe second?) look at some of the new Pool Party skins!
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Look at that nerf water gun! And check out the background: you can see Ziggs diving off the side, and Aatrox climbing up the ladder. Who's that big pink fellow? Maybe it's Garen?

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Lee Sin is seen here balancing a coconut and wooing some dark haired beauty. Wonder who that is! Maybe Nidalee? And check out Orianna running with the Ball!

My personal favorite, Leona. While this skin is still sexy and fun, it's not all about those tits and ass. Really beautiful, and fairly similar to the sketches we saw from the Riot Booth at PAX East!

You can see Ezreal sulking and Nami swimming off to the right, and... Draven chasing Diana? Maybe that's too blonde to be Diana...

Look familiar? It should! Rotate the camera down, and to the left, and you're looking at Zigg's splash art from last summer! (I love Gragas and Lulu on the diving board... another hint, hopefully!) You can see Zack and Ahri in the background as well, and Kha'zix up in the air doing... well, whatever he does.

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