Road Not Taken

If you like puzzle games then Road Not Taken is for you!

If you like puzzle games then Road Not Taken is for you!

Spry Fox is coming out with the game Road Not Taken for the PS4 and PS Vita in 2014. Road Not Taken is a rogue like puzzle game about life’s good choices and bad choices. In this game you will have to solve puzzles, fight dangerous creatures and find lost children. This game looks nice but it is not easy!

With this game you can play seasons over and over and experience it differently every time. There are lots of different dangerous creatures and puzzles and you must figure the best way to beat them or die trying. It’s ok to die though because dying will help you learn what you did wrong and then you will know how to deal with that creature for the future. As you play the game it will get harder, but don’t worry because you will get lots of new boosts that will help you through the game. 

This game looks like it could be interesting and if anyone is familiar with Spry Fox’s other games, like Triple Town, should think about getting this game!

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