Roche Fusion: Announcing Steam Release Date & New Trailer

Roche Fusion will be released the 23rd of January and uploaded a releasetrailer.

Roche Fusion will be released the 23rd of January and uploaded a releasetrailer.

Note: The author of this article is affiliated with the Roche Fusion project.

Amulware is proud to announce that Roche Fusion will be released on Steam on January 23, 2015.

After a year of development Roche Fusion is almost ready for release, of course there is still some testing to be done first. We are moving our closed beta program to Steam and need more and new testers for that. We would like to invite everyone that wants to help improve our game to join our beta program.

Of course we realize that our beta-testers are the people that have made our game possible. And we are very happy with their support.

As a thank you for the support of the community we have set up a reward system. By giving us feedback and helping us improve Roche Fusion, beta-testers can earn rewards within the game.

These rewards range from an entry in the game credits, to designing an actual upgrade in the game, really making the testers an actual part of our game en development process with Beta Achievements.

For updates and the latest news on Roche Fusion towards release, keep an eye on our Steam Community page.

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