Roche Fusion Introduces Its First Epic Boss

Footage of the first Epic Boss in Roche Fusion.

Footage of the first Epic Boss in Roche Fusion.

As Roche Fusion progressed we were very early on aware that we needed more than just a simple boss. So the proposed bosses soon became sub-bosses to make room for the real stuff. But since we had so much else to implement, we kept the designs apart and planned to put them in as last.

So, hereby the footage created by one of the programmers, who has been really working hard to get this out there.

This boss is one of three Epic Bosses we have in store for the future players of Roche Fusion. So while the programmer has already planned to work on Epic Boss number two this is something we really wanted to show to all of you to get the epicness of the boss and it’s weapons, which will also be seen in the other bosses.

It was quite the challenge to create a boss which the player will have to put in quite a lot of effort and not boring him with the same stuff over and over again. Of course there will be some form of grinding in there, but not more than necessary for the players.

So hopefully we will be able to introduce the next boss within the next few weeks!

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