Rock Band 4 Officially Announced

Rock Band 4 is Officially Announced

Rock Band 4 is Officially Announced

It has been 5 years, but Rock Band is back again with Rock Band 4.

Rock Band developer, Harmonix, has officially announced that the next title in the Rock Band series, Rock Band 4, is going to release some time this year. Official release dates have yet to be revealed, but it is coming out 2015, so we have that much.

Harmonix is teaming up with Mad Catz to bring in a new generation of instruments that will work for the Xbox One and the PS4.

And for those of you who played previous games and bought tracks there, don’t worry. In addition to the on-disc soundtrack, Rock Band 4 will support over 2000 tracks released since the launch of the original Rock Band. Players who purchased or downloaded playable tracks on last-generation consoles will be able to download and play those tracks on their new consoles.

More details about the game, the instruments and the release date will come out at a later date.

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