Rock Band Creator Harmonix Is Staging a Comeback!

Rock Band isn't dead?

It’s been a few years since the last Rock Band and Guitar Hero game, that sort of genre quickly died down back in 2012. I hear fans of both series, sometimes ask “When is the new game coming out” or “Did the series get cancelled?”

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Well, if you’re one of the many fans of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, then you might get excited you hear that Harmonix, developer of music, rhythm and dance-based games, has a Kickstarter campaign going for their title, Amplitude.

Harmonix was founded back in 1995, but didn’t become a full household name til after the success of Rock Band. This was revealed by Harmonix CEO, Alex Rigopulos, while answering questions and promoting their Kickstarter campaign on Reddit.

In 2006, Activision spent over $100 million to acquire the Guitar Hero franchise, then, a few months later, Harmonix was purchased by MTV Networks. Since Harmonix was no longer in control of the Guitar Hero series, the responsiblity was passed down to Neversoft, developers of the Tony Hawk’s skateboarding games.

Since then, there was a spammed release of the Guitar Hero games, because of this, some people speculated that this was the reason for the music genre to die-out. However, Rigopulos stated that Activison’s over-publishing of the game, was NOT the reason for this.

He stated that the prices of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero were the most expensive games on the market, due to the plastic instruments and DLC song packs. Both of which, is what contributed to the declining music game genre, since both games were available physically and digitally during a bad recession.

Rigopulos then said that, Rock Band and Guitar Hero ultimately didn’t bring enough to the music genre of games. The team wishes to discuss this at some point in the next outing.

Alex Rigopulos then states:

“One way or another, it will be back.”

Right now on Kickstarter, Amplitude is sitting on its final moments–less than 50 hours left. The project is so close from being completed and I urge any fan of Rock Band and Guitar Hero to help this project succeed.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

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