Rocket League gets Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice car pack

Rocket League gets Batmobile and more with new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice car pack.

Prepare to be the terror villains check under their bed for on March 8th with the latest DLC to come from Psyonix’s Rocket League

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Psyonix released a YouTube video teasing the release of a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice car pack for their new hit game, Rocket League. Rocket League is a futuristic sports game where players get monster boosted vehicles and smash into a ball trying to play soccer. The arenas and vehicles are unbelievable and the physics intense. 

For $1.99 the Dawn of Justice DLC includes the Batmobile battle-car straight from the new movie. Along with the Batmobile, players get three exclusive antenna flags that represent DC’s holy trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. 

Previous car packs released for the game include a Back to the Future car pack where you can play as the DeLorean.

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