Rocket League Release Date And Price Announced!

Rocket League blasts onto the PlayStation 4 and PC July 7th along with some other goodies.

The internet is on fire after the release of the first official trailer of Fallout 4. However, there is another game that has released its official trailer today, along with price tag and other goodies. This is Rocket League, coming out for both the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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As for the release, both PC and PlayStation 4 will get to see this game available July 7th. The game will also be reasonably priced at $19.99. The best part of this news is that this game will feature cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC. So whether or not your friend is on PC or console, you will still be able to play against each other.

Also noted in the release trailer, Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal series will be making an appearance. This is very appropriate as the game does have a Twisted Metal feel when driving around.

For those unfamiliar, Rocket League is an arena football (soccer for us in the states) game where you don’t have traditional human players, but drive cars instead. It comes together to create a crazy and frantic experience trying to win the match, as hitting the ball at the right angle to make a goal is both infuriating and satisfying.

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