New missions, custom stunt tracks, and more are coming to GTA Online in the coming months according to Rockstar

Rockstar Games announces new content coming to GTA Online

New missions, custom stunt tracks, and more are coming to GTA Online in the coming months according to Rockstar
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Grand Theft Auto: Online enthusiasts will have tons of new content to look forward to in the coming months, this according to a new blog post by Rockstar Games. Rockstar released the Lowriders Custom Classics Pack back in March, but things have been a bit quiet since then. However, the team is back in action and looking forward to adding new features to the online chaos that is GTA Online.

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Grow your empire!

First up in the list of new features is a successor to the Executives and Other Criminals Pack released last December. This new update will introduce contraband trafficking to the list of available missions in GTA Online. According to Rockstar, players will “be working with [their] team from a selection of big new properties that serve as both headquarters for [their] Organization and warehouses for [their] hot merchandise.”

Players will be able to manage inventory from their HQ, buy and sell various items ranging from jewels to drugs, and work with all sorts of suppliers. Keeping stock in mint condition will be a challenge, and watching out for enemy raids will make or break players’ fortunes during shipments.

Every move you make will be important in these new special cargo missions!

Pull off stunts like never before!

For those who simply enjoy taking advantage of the wacky vehicle physics in Grand Theft Auto Online, new creator props will help evolve the community’s stunt creations beyond anything ever seen before. New vehicles, new gear, and new game types await stunt lovers with the updates expected in the next few months!

The new creator kits will allow players to go full Sonic the Hedgehog with their stunt tracks, because why not?

And there’s more to come that is yet unannounced…

Rockstar has also stated that there will be additional updates not mentioned in their blog post. These include new Adversary Modes, more competitive play, and team-based game modes in the future.

There are also numerous in-game specials and bonuses still to come such as Versus Missions Week events, and Contract Mission Weeks. These events will unlock rare vehicles, weapons, and various other items. On top of that, each special bonus week will grant extra RP and GTA$, so players should pay close attention to the GTA Online Social Club.

That about covers it for the new info, but you can read up more details via the official blog post found here.

Is there anything lacking in GTA Online that you’d like to see in the future that went unmentioned? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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