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New GTA5 Announcement! And it looks minted!

Boom, Less than a couple hours ago, I decided to stop off and chill on Youtube.

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In habit of course I check the Gaming community news, and lo and behold!

Rockstar have announced literally within twenty four hours ago, the newest addition to the franchise, Grand Theft Auto V.  Judging by the RockStar page in giant white font hard to miss a midst their black background are the words September 17th. Hard to miss really.

Of course with this breaking news, I’m already at 6AM no sooner than waking up researching this to have it out to you within the hour. Why?


  • How to smash their friends face in with a baseball bat.
  • What it means to drive fast cars around over other people.
  • What the point in gunning people down indiscriminately is.
  • Why its fun to become a vigilante against their traditional star wanted level.

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that I did not like GTA 4 as much as I did 3, or Vice City and San Andrea’s. But hell, by the looks of this trailer there may be different characters to choose from or even to some degree characters you’ll interact with. This much is unclear thus-far. However with my speculations on the trailer, it seems the fifth installment has RockStar going back to its roots.

I’ll elaborate. One of the main protagonists is a man named Michael. His role in the game is that of the retired criminal who’s evidently been successful as he’s seen talking in a mansion about how cushy his life is and how its boring him. Eventually in brief leading to the legendary quote:

“I think you need a new therapist.”

The vibe of Vice City seems present here. I bloody loved that game!

The second protagonist is named Franklin. Now, on first impressions he seems to be the sort of dog in the hood, rising up out of the ashes from the ghetto to make a name for himself and get the hell out of his hood and get some cash in the process. This is definitely RockStars nostalgia of San Andreas coming back for all you guys nostalgic about running around with an AK, slapping on a bandanna over your face and giving some unfortunate chaps a few lead for their now bad day! Immediately he seems to be trying to get out of that thug-life, with a clearly shady past with quotes from his woman such as:

“You ain’t changing!”


And finally we meet Trevor. our final piece to this story, Trevor is nothing more than the bat shit-crazy piece of trailer trash looking for a buck and smashing everyone’s face in with baseball bats and preaching about how he wants a cut on other peoples deals and this B.A.M.F doesn’t care how many faces he crashes up in the process.

“Things could get reeee-heeeaallly mess’eh!!”


What does this tell us? We have a brand spanking new game in store from RockStar, with better graphics than the last, an enthralling new story line  and finally just as much action as its predecessors!

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