Rockstar Games’ GTAO: Gameplay Video and Previews Revealed!

If you thought Rockstar Games couldn't do any better, think again! GTAO will be the tidal wave of an all new Grand Theft Auto evolution!

This morning, shared their first round of gameplay video (which was virtually non-viewable for a while since everyone and their mother decided to get on the site at the same time) and previews of their newest GTA project, Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO). The title itself is enough to shock and amaze any Grand Theft Auto fan! It’s refreshing to know that while we’re all waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5 to come out, there’s something else even more astounding in the works! Oh Rockstar Games, you spoil us…

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So according to, 

“[16 gamers can share] gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but will continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content created by Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto community.”

How cool is that?! went on to say that gamers will still have…

“fundamental concepts such as freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and makes them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world.”


So it sounds like a regular Grand Theft Auto game, but you can do everything you could do in the traditional games online with up to 16 other people! Wow. And “all with the personality and refined mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V“, as worded it. So I guess it should be referred to as GTAVO? Nah, too many letters… also added that…

“players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized vehicles, purchasing personal property, and taking part in missions, jobs and activities to earn reputation and cash to open up new opportunities to rise through the criminal ranks. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly grow and change as new content is added, creating the first ever persistent and dynamic Grand Theft Auto game world.”

How cool is that?!

The best part? “Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st”, according to October can’t get here fast enough!

So how will this differ from the past GTA games we’ve all enjoyed up ’til now? Well it seems as though GTAO will be an extension of the GTAV entity and then some. There’s more detail in every aspect of the game, you can create and destroy this time around,  there will be more people involved (like how Call of Duty operates), and it will still be a great addition to the same old GTA series we’ve known and loved for years.

I’m still unsure if we can make our own characters – if I read Rockstar Games’ GTAO Q&A page correctly, I think we only get to play as Trevor, Michael or Franklin. And that’s okay because that’s the way GTA has always been!

If you want to check out more about GTAO, log on to

*Special note: Keep in mind that all the past GTA games, and most of Rockstar Games’ stuff in general, have been rated M for Mature (like we adults pay attention to that), so if you parents out there have young children who are old enough to understand things like profanity and adult content and you’d rather not have them play or watch you play something like this, take charge! ‘Cause let’s face it – if a kid wants it, they’ll find a way to get their hands on it via older friends, neighbors or “more understanding/lenient relatives”. Remember parents, you’re the boss. And kids, do what your parents say because they know best! Stop getting Rockstar Games into trouble!

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