Rockstar Games Releases Patch For Grand Theft Auto Online And Hints At New DLC

Rockstar Games has recently released a new patch to protect players' in-game progress.

Rockstar Games has recently released a new patch to protect players' in-game progress.

Before Rockstar Games released their “stimulus package”, they released a title update for Grand Theft Auto Online that eliminates several glitches that players had been experiencing with cloud save functions.  The patch also includes measures that will protect players in the event of a cloud server outage.

When GTA Online first launched on October 1, 2013 it was plagued with issues that caused the game to be unplayable by most people.  Within the first week, Rockstar has released the first technical patch and many of the initial problems were resolved.  However, a more serious issue arose shortly afterwards…

The major issue now was that players were losing their online characters as well as their in-game progress.  I wrote an article about this problem when it was first announced and Rockstar warned that they were not sure if online characters would be recoverable. 

Unfortunately, Rockstar released another statement a few days later announcing that online characters had been lost permanently and could not be restored.  However, it was in this same announcement that Rockstar was going to be awarding players $500,000 as compensation for the problems that GTA Online had during the first few weeks.  I also covered that news release from Rockstar in a different GameSkinny article.

Currently, GTA Online has been out for over a month now and Rockstar’s newest patch went live last week.  Some players had reported that they were losing vehicles or vehicle customizations due to cloud save failures. 

Rockstar has addressed this issue as well as included some precautionary measures that will keep players from losing their save game progress during cloud outages.  Also, Rockstar has built-in some measures to help protect players’ cash balances even when playing during a cloud outage.

Players also have reason to be excited about Rockstar’s recent announcement that the Beach Bum DLC will release sometime early November.  This downloadable content will feature a number of beach-themed vehicles and will include new weaponry for use in GTA V and Online.  What is even better is the fact that the Beach Bum DLC will be free to all GTA Online players!

If you have not played GTA Online in a while, you should definitely sign in to get your “stimulus package” money and buy yourself something nice!  I did that just yesterday and put together a little Guide about what to spend your money on.  I also said that it was a good idea to save some of the money for later and that could work well with the new DLC releasing soon.

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