Rooster Teeth is Becoming a Game Developer

After a 19-year-old fan of their RWBY web-series posted footage of a demo he created, Rooster Teeth announced at RTX they will develop a game for the show.

Rooster Teeth, the creative production studio that brought a funny perspective on gaming to social media with video shorts such as Red vs. Blue and Rage Quit, are now entering the industry of video game developing.

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The announcement that their RWBY (pronounced “Ruby”) web-series will be turned into a video game was made at their 4th annual RTX gaming and internet convention.

RWBY is a natural choice for us to focus on for our first in-house produced video game,” Rooster Teeth CEO and Co-Founder Matt Hullum said at RTX. “Fans can expect that we will bring the same level of originality in action, comedy, and design to the video game that has made the RWBY animated series such a hit.”

The decision to turn RWBY into a video game was inspired by Jordan Scott, a 19-year-old fan of the series who posted footage from a demo he made to YouTube. After 100,000 posts, and a pitch to Rooster Teeth, the company decided to pair him with RWBY creator and director Monty Oum.

Oum, the web-based animator responsible for animating Red Vs. Blue and Namco’s Afro Samurai, won a 2014 Best Animated Series award from the International Academy of Web Television for his color-coded series named after the first initials of every main character (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long).

The series follows these four unique characters as they team up to use a mythical element named “Dust” against shadowy monsters called Grimm to save Remnant from doom.

Because RWBY focuses on how each character contributes to the fight against Grimm, the game will be a “team-based,” multiplayer experience allowing gamers to play as all four characters.

No updates on production have been released, but the demo was playable at RTX.

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