Rovio’s Getting All They Can Out Of The Angry Birds Franchise

Rovio's milking Angry Birds for all it's worth: Angry Birds Toons premiers online March 16/17.
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Not burnt out on Angry Birds yet? Maybe this will do it:

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Rovio’s long-hyped, but much-delayed foray into the cartoon world comes to fruition March 16/17. 

Don’t know what March 16/17 means? Neither do I. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just keep your eyes on the official Angry Birds Toons site that weekend.

Three minute Angry Birds Toons episodes will premier online weekly for 52 weeks. Hopefully the series will answer some burning questions about the franchise:

Who has brain damage from smashing and crashing into all of those obstacles? Someone has to have a few screws loose by now.

When will the pigs learn not to touch the eggs? Bad things always happen, it seems.

Have they tried talking it out? 

If not, maybe the movie will be more comprehensive.

And just in case that isn’t enough, Zynga is creating 30 minute episodes of a cartoon based on Farmville. Surprisingly (or not), no network has signed on to air the Brett Ratner produced project.

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