The Xbox One is getting a major hard drive update.

RUMOR: A 1TB Xbox One to be Released in June?

The Xbox One is getting a major hard drive update.

Some of you may remember the days way back when it took you forever to fill up a 500GB hard drive on your old Xbox. But with games demanding more and more space, Spanish website Lamee Software has offered a solution: a 1TB Xbox One.

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The “Basic” model is up for pre-order sale at 499.99€, meaning it only comes with one controller, nothing more. This 1TB Xbox One costs 100 euros more than the original 500GB Xbox One, but it is the price to pay in order to have all the room you need for all of your games. 

Lamee Software has already put up the 1TB Xbox One for pre-order sale.

If you need more room on your Xbox One, you can always expand the storage space with an external hard drive. Sometimes it is necessary, with games weighing up to 30-45GB each due to rising graphic standards. But why not have the space directly in the console?

According to Lamee Software, the console is set to launch on June 23rd. Nothing has been made official by Microsoft for the moment though, but maybe the company is preparing the announcement for E3 2015

Nothing really brand new

A 1TB Xbox One is not unheard of, however. Microsoft did release a limited edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive, last year.

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