Rumor Mill: Is Terry Crews Taking Up the Mantle of Doomfist?

Could Blizzard be hiring Terry Crews to voice the illustrious Doomfist?

Could Blizzard be hiring Terry Crews to voice the illustrious Doomfist?
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Overwatch has been holden to countless amounts of speculation regarding upcoming characters and lore, as we have seen with Sombra. Now that fire has been stoked once more by the famous, and well spoken, Terry Crews. 

In July, we saw Crews building a gaming PC so that he could break into the online gaming scene after playing Battlefield 1 at EA Play 2016. Recently, he Tweeted about Blizzard’s free-to-play weekend:

To which Blizzard replied:

Doomfist, who still is yet to be confirmed, has been referenced since the initial launch Overwatch trailer in addition to strewn about the Numbani stage on banners and posters. However, things took an interesting turn last weekend when redditor /u/SleepyRicky posted in /r/Overwatch how, if Doomfist became a new Overwatch hero, that he would be “hyped if Terry Crews voice acted for him,” to which Crews responded that, “I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST.”

While it would be amazing to have someone voicing a hero — in one of fastest growing franchises in gaming — who is as passionate and new to gaming as Terry Crews is, at this point it is all speculation. Thus far, Blizzard has yet to confirm whether or not Doomfist will become a playable character in the Overwatch series. Terry Crews would make any character perfect, but to say he could already be the voice of an unconfirmed character would be jumping the gun.

What do you think about a major celebrity voicing a potential Overwatch hero? Could Doomfist already be in the pipeline? Leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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