Rumor mill: Nintendo has plans for international localization of Mother 3

Mother 3 may finally be getting an international release, if not only in Europe

Mother 3 may finally be getting an international release, if not only in Europe

The Mother series, otherwise known as EarthBound for Western audiences, may finally be getting localized according to rumors that were initially spread by Eurogamer.

While it is always safe to take rumors with a pinch of salt, multiple credible sources have since jumped in to confirm that the rumor is true. The first to start the rumor was Emily Rogers, who frequently released true Nintendo leaks before anyone else, and has now mysteriously vanished from the face of the Twitterverse…

Emily’s last two tweets before disappearing from Twitter was this image (above) and another post:

“One last thing before I vanish: Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year…Just some food for thought.”  

Emily Rogers’ account has since been set to a protected account, preventing users from further access to her posts.

While this is hardly enough evidence to go by alone, other sources such as have also claimed that they had known of the game’s localization for Europe. Another known leaker, Liam Robertson, also posted the following on Twitter:

Once again, since this is nothing but rumors every bit of this should be taken lightly until officially confirmed. However, all sources spreading the rumors have been known to be right in the past, so there is more than enough hope that this game will finally see an international release. It should be noted that the console this game would be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, supposing the rumors are true.

EarthBound was originally released in the West in 1994. Since then, only Mother has been localized as EarthBound Beginnings in 2015.

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