Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE may be getting a sequel as auditions are being held staring TMS #FE team members as hosts

Rumor Mill: VA Auditions hint at a possible Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE sequel

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE may be getting a sequel as auditions are being held staring TMS #FE team members as hosts

While Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE won’t be internationally released until June, the game seems to already have its future planned out in Japan. According to Persona Central (a Persona series news website), Hachima Kikou has discovered public audition applications — to be held by Avex Group — for voice acting positions in a new JRPG. Considering that Avex produced the music for TMS #FE, it’s highly likely that it is a sequel to the game, possible DLC, or simply a new game altogether.

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What makes it more likely that this is a sequel or DLC audition, however, is that it is a live audition will be hosted by Kaori Fukuhara — the voice of Mamori Minamoto in TMS #FE. The candidates for auditions will be expected to act and sing segments from the game, and one of the judges will be Yoshiaki Fujisawa — the one responsible for TMS #FE‘s music composition.

The winners will receive quite the reward. While appearing as a voice actor for the planned video game is enticing enough, Avex will also provide the winner with voice acting and dance lessons, as well as possible future work as an Avex voice actor. But don’t try to grab a plane ticket just yet. The auditions are only eligible to those who are between 15 and 25 years of age, fluent in Japanese, and residents of Japan, so most people from out of the country will not be able to enter.

There’s many possibilities as to what will really become of the voice acting auditions, but new content is always welcome to the currently starving Wii U library. Then again, it could also be a potential game for the upcoming NX. Who knows? Only time will tell!

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