Rumor of PS3 Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster Surfaces

Could this rumor be true? Tales of fans, have faith!

Could this rumor be true? Tales of fans, have faith!
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Could Tales of Symphonia be seeing an HD remake on the PlayStation 3? According to Spanish gaming and anime site Koi-Nya (Google Translate), Tales of series producer Hideo Baba dropped some hints at the game receiving a new coat of paint and a new home during an interview at Expomanga 2013.

Tales of Symphonia is heralded as the most popular game in the series, though its Gamecube-only Western release alienated most of the fanbase, who were primarily Sony console-native at the time.

The difficulty in trusting this rumor lies in the fact that Nintendo handled the localization of the Gamecube version of the game. In order to remake and localize Symphonia, Namco Bandai will be tasked with creating a new localization themselves.

While there has been no official confirmation on this rumor as of yet, Hideo Baba did mention that 2013 would be a “Tales-filled year” during the announcement for the Tales of Xillia release. We’ve not heard more news on the series yet this year, could it be possible this rumor is a hint at what’s to come? Only time will tell, but here’s to hoping this rumor (and a localization) is confirmed sometime in the near future.

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