Rumors Abound About New Sonic Game

Sonic Excursions to hearken back to Genesis titles.
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With recent releases in the Sonic franchise being fairly depressing, and many questioning whether Sonic can even work in a 3D environment, it can be a bit hard to be excited about new Sonic news. But the blue hedgehog still inspires fans, and there are some interesting rumors about a possible cross-platform game that hearkens back to the older style.

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The rumors come from game blogs, so that can be taken with a grain of salt, but the same person who dropped information about the Sonic Generations has supplied several blogs with some interesting tidbits—like the name. Sonic Excursions. +

What might interest fans of the series is that developers are aiming to make a game that played like the older Genesis titles, and emblems will make a return, as well as plenty of mission options on every level—including side missions for every character. If this is the case, it could be either a failed nostalgia trip or a great return to form for the ailing franchise.

Something that sounds a bit confusing is one particular rumor that says, “Level titled “Shattered Heights” will be reminiscent of New York. Will consist of Sonic and Tails breaking through tall buildings as humans gasp in horror.” Honestly, that just sounds perplexing to me, but it could be an interesting route for Sonic to go.

As for the cross-platform options, it sounds like Sonic Excursions will make an appearance on roughly every console—Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC,  and 3DS, as well as later releases for the next gen Xbox and Playstation. Overall, this sounds like quite the undertaking, but will hopefully result in a game fans can be proud to play.

Good luck Sonic team!  


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