Rumors Swirl about Possible Google Gaming Machine

Google is reportedly working on an Android-based video game machine

Google is reportedly working on an Android-based video game machine

Google has already taken over your desktop.

Now, it’s looking to take over your living room.

Google is reportedly working on an Android-based gaming system, on the heels of the $99 Android-based Ouya system that was launched June 25.

Of course, that Ouya system was funded through an $8.5 million Kickstar project. Google will have considerably more resources at its disposal to throw at a new gaming machine.

Google’s plan is to create a similar game system which would allow you to play Android apps on the big screen.

Not many other details have been released about the console.

Google is slated to roll out Android 5.0 this fall. It’s also working on a new smartwatch.

The Google video gaming machine will operate in a very strange place: it won’t be as much of a stand-alone console as a way to convert your Android tablet into a console. Its place in the market is somewhere between a tablet extension and a traditional console.

This might be the best place for it.

The console war doesn’t have room for a third contestant, as Sony and Microsoft have pretty much absorbed the console gaming community. But there is space for an alternative to consoles, where users can buy a tablet, which already is a better investment because of a tablet’s versatility, and use it to play games on the big screen.

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