Sadistic Pikmin-like Terrorarium Hitting Steam Early Access in March

If you ever wanted to torture a bunch of mushroom people in player-made levels, you'll get your chance with Terrorarium next month.
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Games focused around level-making can burn a mountain of hours if you’re creatively inclined, and next month, players will get another one to add to the ranks this one laid thick in a distinctive Pikmin flavor.

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Indie developer Stitch Media has announced Terrorarium will be making its way to PC and Mac on Steam Early Access in March. The game asks players to show little mercy to an array of adorable mushroom people in the name of good fun and a lot of mayhem.

Using a control system much like the one seen in the Pikmin series, Terrorarium will put players in the shoes of the Gardener, a “powerful and indestructible space grandma” and villain, who has way too much control over the lives of dozens of tiny mushroom people than she should.

Using the Gardener, players will be able to control legions of little creatures in this case, the diversely adorable and distinctly mushroom-y Moogu  to solve puzzles and blast the ecosystem to smithereens in the name of science, revenge, and fun.

Terrorarium Gooey MooguToo cute to kill? Ehhh.

More Pikmin-esque gameplay always sounds great, but the real draw here is the game’s Maker Mode, which will allow players to create and share their levels with the community. If players want to decimate a few dozen Moogu for their own entertainment, they can; if they want to create a peaceful landscape stage, they’ll be able to do that, too.

Terrorarium will be launching on Steam Early Access next month with just the game’s Maker Mode, which the developers promise will have a robust selection of assets and options to start while they work on the game’s campaign mode and additional creation assets.

At the time of writing, they’ve announced the game will have over 100 assets for players to use in level creation. Whether that amount will be packaged into the initial Early Access launch is to be seen, but we’ll find out soon enough!

Check out Terrorarium on Steam, and keep your eyes here on GameSkinny for additional Terrorarium news.

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