Saints Row IV Ends the Saints Row Saga

Saints Row IV will be the last installment in this story arc for the Saints. But that doesn't mean we won't see them again.

Scott Phillips, design director at Volition, told Gillen McAllister at E3, “We’re definitely considering Saints Row IV sort of the end of that saga of this character and the Saints as they are.” Phillips goes on to say that if we see the Saints again that they will probably go in a new direction.

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Unlike Saints Row III, the team won’t redesigning the engine or the systems, Phillips said, noting that they will make improvements, “but we’re going to add a ton of content.” But what exactly are they adding?

“Let’s do superpowers.” Phillips said, “You know fighting aliens came out of that because we needed an enemy that properly fights you, and then being the President felt like the next logical step from being a celebrity.”

Volition bought the Saint Rows license from the THQ bankruptcy auction earlier this year in January. Volition has planned to put the power of the Saints world in the players hands instead of focusing on tech and Phillips said “we wanted it to be in there, in your hands. Everything is more fun, and there’s more of it.”

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