Save $37 on Corsair’s Fantastic K95 Platinum Gaming Keyboard on Amazon

The keyboard is currently 19% off, with only a few units left in stock.

The keyboard is currently 19% off, with only a few units left in stock.
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If you have the pockets, Corsairs K95 RGB Platinum gaming keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards currently on the market. 

While the keyboard is more than two years old at this point, it still stands as a fantastic option for hardcore gamers, as well as MMO and MOBA players. All of its 110 keys are graded for 50 million keystrokes and are fully re-programmable. Its six “G” keys are perfect for in-game macros and shortcuts. 

In our official review of the keyboard, we said:  

… when you dig down into the near-limitless possibilities the keyboard offers, the durability it provides, and the nigh unbeatable aesthetic lighting features, it’s worth your pretty penny.

Whether you’re looking to up your game by being able to issue keystrokes at Flash-like speeds or a keyboard that’s ergonomic, highly configurable, and comfortable, then at least checking out the K95 is something you’re going to want to do. 

Although the K95 typically retails for $199.99, Amazon currently has the Cherry MX Speed variant on sale for $162.98. That’s $37 off the retail price. 

If you prefer Cherry MX Browns, you’ll save a few more dollars as the Brown version is currently on sale for $159.99.

It’s certainly not the lowest we’ve seen the K95 drop since it released, but it’s still a decent discount for anyone currently in the market for a long-lasting mechanical. 

Here are the keyboard’s full specs. 

Weight 2.91lbs
Backlighting RGB
Macro Keys 6
Total keys 110
Report Rate 1,000Hz
Switches Cherry MX Speed
Cherry MX Brown
USB Pass-Through USB 2.0 Type-A
Dimensions 18in x 6.7in x 1.4in
Connectivity Wired
Mic Type Condenser
Adjustable Height Yes
Media Controls Yes
Rollover Full N-key w/ 100% antighost


You can find it on Amazon here

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