Save Energy with Ouya

Looking to buy a new, eco-friendly console? Try Ouya!

Looking to buy a new, eco-friendly console? Try Ouya!

With the PS4 and Xbox One coming out, who has time to think about their ecological footprint? There hasn’t been as much hype about Ouya as much as the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One, but there really should be. After all, it’s the most energy-efficient system right now, and at a good price too. Sure, it doesn’t have games like Watch Dogs, but it’s great for kids. 

The PS3 Fat is by far the most energy-consuming console out there. If you still use yours, it’s costing you $242 every five years. That may not seem like a lot at first glance, but think about how much you could be saving in that time and putting your money towards. There’s a really cool online tool called Enervee which shows you how much energy you use, money you spend, what the performance of the console is (based on power consumption), the efficiency of the console, as well as the eco impact. We all want to continue playing games and enjoying ourselves, but is it worth it if we’re harming the environment? 

If you’re not up for Ouya, Nintendo consoles are great at conserving energy as well. We’ll see how the PS4 and Xbox One rank against these bad boys.  

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