Say Hello to Your 2016 World of Warcraft Arena Champions

Splyce wins Blizzcon's World Championship Arena after an amazing turnaround.

Splyce wins Blizzcon's World Championship Arena after an amazing turnaround.

European team Splyce took an amazing victory today in the Grand Finals for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena Championship. This marks the 10th anniversary for Blizzard’s own Blizzcon, and Splyce’s second year in the World of Warcraft arena game.

North American team Method and Splyce both gave an amazing performance this year, bringing the finals all the way to a tight finish with both Method and Splyce with three wins each. Method fought tooth and nail, forcing Splyce to push everything they had at Paladin healer Cdew during their second match in a nail biting contest of attrition.

However as incredible as Cdew’s performance was, it has a hard time stacking up against Splyce’s own healer Boetar, who showed off his own Paladin skills in their final match against Method, hanging onto life by a bare thread to help secure the win for his team.

The final results: Splyce: 4 – Method NA: 3

Splyce, EU
  • Swapxy – Enhancement Shaman with 31.4m damage and 3.4m healing.
  • Boetar – Holy Paladin with 6.8m damage and 43.5m healing
  • Fabss – Demonology Warlock with 17.9m damage and 1.1m healing.
Method, NA
  • Cdew – Holy Paladin with 10m damage and 40.8m healing
  • Snutz – Shadow Priest with 15.8m damage and 10.5m healing
  • Bean – Feral Druid with 26.6m damage and 11.3m healing

Breakdown of results:

  • Splyce combined damage – 56.1m damage
  • Method combined damage – 52.4m damage
  • Splyce combined healing – 40m healing
  • Method combined healing – 62.6m healing

Even though Method had an overwhelming amount of healing on their team, Splyce was able to overcome their stall tactics with overwhelming coordination and burst from their Enhancement Shaman played by Swapxy.

This year has seen a large resurgence of interest in World of Warcraft, with the newest expansion Legion being very well received by fans. This tournament did a great job showing off World of Warcraft’s competitive side, and hopefully is a portent of things to come for the game’s competitive future.

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